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"Using an interdisciplinary approach, its how I try to extend the limits of what its possible in naval design".
We thereby believe that it’s the exchange of ideas, skills and creativity coming up from professionals who have developed in different areas and industries, what can make shot/long term best solutions emerge.

The philosophy.

Provide technical and commercial collaboration to sailors, naval design studios and shipyards teams

Work on the boat design challenges, using an interdisciplinary approach.

Try to give simple solutions to complex problems, seeking a balance between functionalities, aesthetics, quality, costs and cycle product life time. We also consider the financial, human and production technology customer resources.

The ideal boat its the one that "best" meet the boat builder and the sailor expectations.
Unfortunately "choosing is loosing". That's why we believe that a good initial diagnosis and "details" are so important.

We like to support our clients during all the naval architectural project stages:

a) Conceptual design (preliminary project).

b) Project development (detailed engineering).

c) Construction.


We offer professional marketing consulting services to shipyards.

We help the industry to develop modern brands, products and sales strategies.
According with the company brand image, we focus making functional and aesthetics boats designs that could satisfice the physic and imagened atribute valued by the target market segment.

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