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Ernesto Humar

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Naval Architecture (UNQ) and bachelor in Business Administration (UBA)

He has postgraduate studies at the Mib School of Management (Italy), University of California Riverside (USA) and PWC Global Training Center (USA).

His knowledges in naval design and shipbuilding are enhanced by his works experiences in strategic marketing and sales files, as well as in production process/cost optimization, developed in different industries and countries.

He was Professor assistance of the subject "Advanced Marketing", at the Economics School of Buenos Aires University (more than 800 students). Merchant and sport vessel boatmaster certified (with his company he has sailed with more than 15,000 tourists).

His interdisciplinary academic background and profesional experience, allows him to face his work from a global and creative perspective. And he easily integratate with multicultural work teams.

He is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and sailor.

And a honest, hardworking and innovative professional
It's a pleasure to work with him".


“Any new yacht design must be functional and fun to be use,
                                 with an aesthetic that transmits obsolescence to designs that it precedes”
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