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. Hull forms (Planning, semi-displacement, displacement).

. Interior and deck 2D draws.

. Hull, interior and deck 3D draws.

. Grid and structural bulkhead design and draws.

. Detail construction drawings (hull, interior, deck).

. Sail plan design and draws.

. Detail lamination drawings.

. Keel, rudder and rigging and systems designs and drawings.

. Molds designs and drawing (files ready for cnc machines and 3D printer)

The important of having an interdisciplinary approach during the design process:

A hull optimized for a propulsion system using an -axis line- it has very different hydrostatic and aesthetic characteristics than a hull optimized for a -ips- (Volvo Penta) or -water jet- propulsion system.

This decision also affects the design of its structural grid, hull shape, interiors design, construction costs. It also define it future cost maintenance and performance (attributes usefull to define its future sell strategic).

This approach allows us to achieve shot / long term best solutions emerge.

Example of a planning hull design optimized for an -Axis line- propulsion system:

Example of a planning hull design optimized for an -IPS- propulsion system:

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