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. Structural engineering studies (according with classification association).

. Weight and stability studies.

. Sail plan, mast, propeller, appendages, keel and rudder calculations.

. Performance prediction: VPP, CFD.

. Total hull resistanse studies. 

. Power and propulsion system calculations (ips/axis line/jet/hybrid).

. System and equipment  calculations.


. Designs & draws of engineering systems and equipment requirements

  (According with classification association).

. Electronic systems. (12v - 24v - 220v).

. Waters, machine room, fire protection, etc. systems.

. Recomended equipments suppliers.

The important of having an interdisciplinary approach during the design process:

Like design the PRFV laminate plan seeking to minimize costs, while optimize times and quality. This decisions impact on the Company present and future cash flow, human and technology resources needs. 
It is also very advantageous to consider the engineering systems to be use from an early stage during the design process.

This approach allows us to achieve shot / long term best solutions emerge.

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