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. Shipyards production process improvement studies:

Layout redesign & critical path studies, new manufacturing technologies (lamination using vacuum, resin infusion, etc).

. Optimization Shipyards costing / controlling process.

  (We would like to apply our professional experience implementing financial and controlling SAP system in other industries, to boat builders).

. Shipyard staff training

Infusion resin lamination process:

In order to ensure permanent availability, I have sussesfully test alternative local manufactured supplies for the infusion resin solid lamination process.


. Compra de embarcaciones.

. Seguimiento de obras.

. Reformas de interiores, cubierta y casco. 

. Optimización de quilla y timón.

. Cambio de motorización, hélices.

. Inspecciones de embarcaciones para habilitaciones ante la PNA

The important of having an interdisciplinary approach during the design process:

We can help companies to improve it controlling and production process management. We know process, techniques and technologies sucessfully used by other industries (like mining, steel and furniture), that can be easilly incorported to the composite naval industry.

This approach allows us to achieve shot / long term best solutions emerge.

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